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I have been giving workshops and lectures on many different personal financial topics.  Here are some sample titles:

Looking at the Nature of Your Money Anxieties and Issues
Living at Peace with Your Financial Self
Living at Peace with Your Philanthropy
Investing for Peace of Mind
Creating Financial Oneness in Marriages and Partnerships
Mastering the Financial Stresses of Coping Alone
Resolving Money Issues with Your Children
Resolving Money Issues with Your Parents
Finding the Will to Plan Your Estate

Below is a description of my workshop designed for therapists, life coaches, ministers, mediators, social workers, and others doing financial counseling:

Financial Therapy: A Proven System for Resolving Money Issues

Money issues are often a stumbling block for your clients in making right decisions and moving forward with their lives. In this workshop I will show you my therapy for resolving money issues so that you can help your clients with their issues. Over the years I’ve watched hundreds of my own clients and students use my therapy to gain financial peace of mind so I’m confident that it will work for you.


* How to connect money management to Spirit
* How to take the fears out of managing money using a simple system for analyzing clients’ financial facts
* How to let go of financial fears inherited from family and others using a Family Money Visualization, and an examination of money histories
* How to work through money issues by examining case studies

My recently published manual, “Be Your Own Financial Therapist” will be available.  No previous financial counseling experience is required.

I have been a Personal Financial Consultant for over 28 years and have authored 5 published books. Currently, I write a column for the Santa Fe New Mexican called Money and Spirit.

Fred Brown, 3812 SE Malden Street, Portland, Oregon 97202
tel: 503-771-7650

Below is a description of a popular workshop that focuses on the general anxieties and issues surrounding money:

A New Approach to Resolving Money Anxieties and Issues

Do you ever feel helpless, overwhelmed or anxious when trying to decide money matters with your family, others or even yourself?

In this workshop, I will show you practical techniques for reducing your financial anxieties so that you can find solutions to your concerns that will bring you peace of mind.

I will begin by introducing you to a short Family Money Visualization that will help you get in touch with the family core anxieties and issues that influenced you during your growing up years.  Through group discussions you will learn how these fears influence your own attitude and behavior towards money.  In gaining this perspective, you fears will become much more manageable as you will no longer claim them as your own.

Next I will show you a simple system for analyzing your own financial facts on a single page summary form. In learning how to deal with your facts, you will discover how to find true peace of mind by assessing your financial reality in conjunction with your highest spiritual goals.

If you are interested in having me do a workshop or lecture, please E-mail me at

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