In the book from Simon and Schuster, Clients for Life: How Great
Professionals Develop Breakthrough Relationships, by Jagdish Sheth and
Andrew Sobel, Fred Brown is included in a pantheon of great advisors, joining
Sir Thomas More, J. P. Morgan, George Marshall, Peter Drucker, and David
Ogilvy. Fred Brown’s integrity, mission orientation, and client dedication are
discussed at length in the chapter entitled “The Soul of the Great Professional.”

“With all the Bernie Madoffs that would leave you in a black hole,
Fred Brown is the opposite.  Fred has coached me through troubled loans;
investing; managing my money as a single and married person;
accurately predicting leaving the stock market; and concluding a
house sale in a depressed market.  Fred Brown’s breath of knowledge
has guided my life over the past decade, whether managing trivial or major problems,
with great personal insightfulness- a large gamut.”
-Susan Christi-Risen

“Fred Brown has helped us dramatically to improve our financial management
and to alter, in a very positive way, the role that money plays in our lives and
our children’s lives. Fred is unique as a financial advisor due to his broad
knowledge of not just money management, but the process of self-
development and maturation, human psychology, and family dynamics.”
- Andrew Sobel, President, The Institute For Business Renewal

“I have worked as a financial planner and portfolio manager alongside Fred
for many years. Together we served people with inherited wealth. Many of my
clients have benefited much more from Fred’s help in dealing with their
emotional relationship with their current financial holdings that they have by
making more money! Fred Brown’s work changes people’s lives.”
- Rob Rikoon, Published Author and President of Rikoon Investment Advisors

Fred Brown is featured as one of the outstanding financial consultants in
America in Rob Rikoon’s book, Managing Family Trusts: Taking Control of
Inherited Wealth.

“His message is refreshing and challenging and has been embraced by
readers who would not normally turn to the business pages. Recently we
reevaluated our columnists, and Fred Brown’s MONEY AND SPIRIT was the
only local column to gain unanimous acceptance.”
- Bruce Krasnow, Business Editor of the Santa Fe New Mexican

“Fred Brown unique perspective of combining a spiritual approach to the
subject of finance positively influenced many of our students through out the
years of his teaching. Fred was a wonderful addition to our program. His enthusiastic yet
gentle approach to teaching was very much in keeping with our holistic
- Lonnie Howard, Director of The Scherer Institute of Natural Healing

“Fred Brown working with us has been able to address the deeper aspects
of money and finance- abundance and lack thereof, self-worth, good, evil,
despair, and tranquility. He is able to promote balance, and a sense of
- Phyllis and Fred Altenhaus, Psychotherapists

“Before recommending clients to Fred, my husband and I became his clients.
We have found his approach to managing money unique, practical, and
effective in dealing with the anxieties of managing money to be spent or
saved for investment. I believe his approach has wide appeal. We
worked with Fred for nine years.”
- Claudia Quill, First Vice President and Financial Adviser at Morgan Stanley

“Fred is an eloquent writer and a consummate professional. He has made
some very real contributions to this magazine, and we feel fortunate to be
working with him.”
- Bernadette Finnerty, Editor of The Crafts Report

“I have found Fred’s work with individuals and groups to be sensitive and
skilled in helping us to be aware of and understand the many dynamic
aspects of money and financial affairs. He is the first one I turn to for
assistance with my feelings and behavior connected with financial
abundance or lack. His holistic perspective is of great help for both the
pragmatic and emotional aspects I need to address.”
- Barbara Conroy, Career Counselor

“His easy demeanor and authority resulted in a marvelous series of
experiences. Our rector was so impressed he was invited to preach for
both services on Stewardship Sunday.”
- Raymond Raney, a member of the congregation of St. Bede’s Episcopal
Church, where Fred was invited to participate in a series of adult
educational programs

“Perhaps what makes him so effective is his keen insight into the human
spiritual psyche. In this frenzied society, driven by consumerism and
competition, Fred stands as a bastion of spiritual sanity.”
- Bernado Monserrat, Minister of the Church of Religious Science of Santa Fe

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