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Since 1976, Fred Brown has authored five books including The Stock Market Game, J Weston Walch, 1976; Managing Your Money, J. Weston Walch, 1977, The Executive Cassette Workbook on Personal Finance, The American Management Association, 1978: Yes! You Can Manage Your Money, self-published, 1987, and Money and Spirit, A.R.E. Press, 1995 now currently owned by author.

Brown has recently published a new book entitled Be Your Own Financial Therapist.  This book takes the fear out of managing every day finances – cash, checking accounts, savings and investments, home and car costs, debts and credits, taxes, insurance, income and expenses, and one’s estate.

The book traces an actual case of a woman who is totally alienated from managing her money. You will see how she and the author work through her anxieties and issues regarding every aspect of her finances. You will be a fly on the wall in Brown’s counseling sessions through this case and many of his others.

Jacob Needleman said about this book. “A book that shows concretely why it is essential that we all understand the role of money in our hearts and minds, not only as an economic necessity, but as an inescapable factor in the search for spiritual development.”

From a review in The New Mexican, by book reviewer Candelora Versace:
“This book is not the first to address the spiritual consciousness of making money, but it is by far the best. Highly readable, personable, and non-threatening and accessible regardless of one’s level of knowledge.”

MONEY AND SPIRIT may be ordered directly from the author through e-mail

In Be Your Own Financial Therapist, Brown shows you his therapy for helping his clients release their anxieties and resolve their money issues. The manual contains a simple process for analyzing your total financial picture, your family money history, and your money issues in various stages of life.

You will learn:
- How to take the fears out of examining and managing your own financial facts.
- How to let go of financial fears you may have inherited from your family and others using a visualization and guided questions.
- How to resolve money issues using insights and guidance from Brown’s own counseling experiences.

Over the years, Brown has watched hundreds of clients and students successfully use his therapy so he knows it will work for you.

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