Tip One

Archive Tip #1:

If you feel anxious, frustrated or angry about any of your financial transactions or have issues with others over them, review the pertinent financial facts and emotional feelings relating to these transactions with yourself and if possible with a trusted friend or family member.
EXAMPLE: Suppose you are arguing with someone over how much you or the other should spend on something. Suspend the argument and write down the pertinent financial and emotional factors involved including:

  • how much the item costs,
  • how much similar items cost,
  • how much money is available to pay for it,
  • how useful will the item be,
  • how you and the other feel about the transaction,
  • how these feelings will affect others.

Sorting through these facts on paper will help ground your emotions and calm you so that you can be more objective about the transaction. In this state of mind you’ll find it a lot easier to come to a workable resolution to your argument.
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