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Here are suggestions for helping you work on any money issues you may
have with your partner: Many of these tips can be used when you are sharing living costs with family members and others.

1. Begin by sharing your financial anxieties with your partner. If you feel too intimidated to express yourself, you might first want to read appropriate sections in my book “Be Your Own Financial Therapist” and share it with your partner. The book is a good catalyst for opening up the subject.

2. Assuming you both have anxieties, examine your fears in the context of your family money histories. Use the visualization on this web site to help you. Your histories have valuable insights into the the basis for your fears and ways that you can manage them.

3. In order to cope with your fears, do joint spiritual work around money to better understand the nature of money and it’s spiritual connection. My book, “Be Your Own Financial Therapist” has many cases and insights that can help you overcome your anxieties and see the thinking that is required to resolve your issues. The best way to get the most from this book is to read it together. You can order my book on this web site.

4. Since money is a form of energy that is best used when managed for spiritual growth, you will also find it helpful to read together a mutually agreed upon spiritual book that helps define who you are and your purpose in life. A book such as this will give you a meaningful overview from which you can direct your money with less anxiety.

5. Since understanding financial facts is an effective way to ground emotions, and solve practical money problems, you will find it helpful to examine these facts. When you are working on an issue:
a. If you are living together and jointly managing your finances, draw up your Financial Summary using the form and instructions on this web site. If you are living together but managing your monies separately, you each need to draw up your own Summary.
b. review your Summaries together, and openly discuss the ways you have been managing your money. Identify how your anxieties have affected your management behavior.
c. Assuming you have management concerns, air them in a loving way. Avoid judging each other. Focus on what you need to do to improve your financial position. Keep your discussion within the context of your financial facts and avoid excessive emotional reactions.

6. If you are having trouble controlling your expenses, set up a monthly spending goal and monitor it together at least weekly. You can get instructions for setting up this system in “Be Your Own Financial Therapist.

7. If you are still unable to resolve your issues, you may need a mediator (preferably someone with financial skills) to assist you.

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