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Congratulations! How exciting that you now feel inspired enough to begin counseling yourself on your own financial fears and issues! It will change your life. I have used my approach to help hundreds of people find financial peace of mind so I know that it will work for you.

I find that people can master their own financial anxieties and issues in their decision-making once they learn how to examine their fears and issues in the context of their financial facts, family money history, and stage of life.

In this website, I have divided your tasks into two parts. One focuses on understanding the anxieties that stem from your family history with money; the other, on learning to manage your own finances. At this point you can choose to start with the former by going to the Family Money Visualization or the latter by continuing below. Both parts need to be addressed to gain financial peace of mind.

Writing Down Your Financial Facts
My first step in helping clients is to have them write down their financial facts on a single page summary.  Getting these facts on paper reduces one of their greatest fears that of not knowing where they stand. It also grounds their emotions in their financial reality, which makes their finances seem much less forbidding.

Finding the Will to Write Down Your Financial Facts
In approaching the task of writing down your facts on your summary, you may find that your fears may try to block you. They will come up with all sorts of excuses.
“I don’t need this.”
“It won’t do any good.”
“I don’t have enough money to manage.”
“My situation is hopeless.” etc.
Recognize that this is just your fears trying to assert themselves. Let the fears have their say, but put your attention on writing down your facts, knowing that with each fact you put down, you will be taking a step towards gaining more peace of mind.

Suggestions for Taking Charge of Your Facts
You’ll note that along side the instructions for writing down your facts I have included suggestions for taking charge of them. These will help you overcome any anxieties you have about managing specific finances. You may want to follow them as you write down each fact or after you have completed your summary.

Visit the Financial Summary page or click here to download a pdf of the Financial Summary worksheet.

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