Your Financial Summary

Congratulations! How exciting that you now feel inspired enough to begin counseling yourself on your own finances! It will change your life. I have used my approach to help hundreds of people find financial peace of mind so I know that it will work for you. To begin you need to examine your total financial picture. Below are my instructions.

Write Down Your Financial Facts

Your first step is to write down your financial facts on my single page summary, using my instructions. Getting these facts on paper reduces one of your greatest fears – that of not knowing where you stand. It also grounds your emotions in your financial reality, which makes your finances seem much less forbidding.

Suggestions for Taking Charge of Your Facts

Along side my instructions for writing down your facts I have included suggestions for taking charge of them. These will help you overcome any anxieties you have about managing specific finances. The numbers will speak for themselves and will tell you what individual finance needs more management.

Please select a link below to download a pdf version of the Financial Summary. You will need Acrobat Reader© to open the document.

download Financial Summary pdf – mac or windows

download Financial Summary Instructions – mac or windows

If you need the Acrobat Reader©, click on the following link: Download Acrobat Reader©

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