Balancing Our Money & Peace of Mind

In my work as a Personal Financial Consultant for more than 35 years, I’ve learned that managing money is more than just managing dollars and cents. The process can require our understanding of our wants, dreams, relationships, life goals, and much more. Money is really a tool for self-fulfillment, but most people are so caught up in their financial anxieties that they feel incapable of processing the human and financial factors that can guide them in making decisions that are truly right for them.

This website gives you a window into the realities of financial decision-making through my real life cases of the common money concerns we all share. As you get into the shoes of my clients, I hope you will gain insights that will help you find your own peace of mind. I now have 24 cases on this website, and I plan to add more over the next year.

Look over the categories and cases on the left,  and read the ones that apply to you.

Over the years I’ve developed management tools for guiding my clients and students (see right sidebar) which you are welcome to use.

“Fred Brown’s work changes people’s lives.”- Rob Rikoon, Published Author and President of Rikoon Investment Advisors

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